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Methodology & API

About the Methodology
Explain what fields/elements were used in your resource template
The fields and elements were based on Dublin Core. Cataloging Cultural Objects content standard was used for date and extent structure. Library of Congress Name Authority and Subjects were incorporated for URI external links. 
  • Title (required): Name of the asset; priority is given to a name or title included in the asset
  • Date: Date or date range found on the asset
  • Creator (required): Individual or Entity responsible for the asset; most likely this will be attributed to the ABA
  • Description (required): A short summary of what can be found in the asset 
  • Format (required): The file format of the surrogate asset
  • Subject: Topics found in the asset Extent: Size or dimensions of an asset
  • Number of pages: The number of pages included in an asset
  • Type: The nature of the asset to provide more background about the asset
  • Language: Language found in the asset
  • Rights Holder: The individual or entity that maintains the copyright; most likely this will be the ABA
  • Date Available (required): Date the record was made public 
  • Identifier (required): Identifier that could be associated with another CMS

API CSV data

The data was requested from New York Public Library's Digital Collections API

This was the query sent to the API,

This is the CSV of the 97 results of bookstore related entities.