Snuff (17th-18th c.)

Recipe for snuff from a 17th-18th c. collection of household recipes, miscellaneous entries, etc. | See full image and item metadata

**Contains toxic ingredients. Do not attempt.**
Take of the best Tobacco 3 ounces, cloves, mace, orange rinds dried, & flowors of Lilly of the vally dried of each 2 drahms, white hellebore rootes one ounce & halfe, muske & Ambergrease of each 3 grains, let it be beaten & sifted into a grosse powdor.
Take 3 oz of the best tobacco, 2 drams each of cloves, mace, dried orange rinds, and lily of the valley, 1 1/2 oz white hellebore roots, 3 grains each musk and ambergris. Beat it and sift it into a gross powder.