Midterm Project Presentation

Why did you choose the subject matter and objects?

Having gotten my undergraduate degree in Saratoga Springs, I have previously researched how we remember the Battle of Saratoga, and have done separate work and research on archeological artifacts in the Saratoga area unrelated to the American Revolution. This seemed like a good topic to dive into.

Where did you find your images and data?

Mostly through Google Arts and Culture, but that lead me to a few different websites that have art and artifacts in relation to the Revolutionary War and the Battle of Saratoga

Explain the fields/ elements used in the Resource Template and the vocabularies used:

Describe one object:

The Bronze Medal of Horatio Gates. This bronze coin has Horatio Gates on the front, and on the back it has a depiction of General Burgoyne surrendering to Gates, similarly to how it is depicted in the paintings of the same moment.

Where did you get the object and data:

This one was found on the Yale University Art Gallery. It was indirectly found through Google Arts and Culture, as some other works took me to the Yale website. However, this specific piece was not found in full on the Google Arts and Culture page and has 2 other separate entries of the front and back of this coin. The Yale version was the one with the most metadata and tags associated with it, and is the only version with both sides of the coin photographed at the same time.

How does your metadata differ?

While my metadata is not wildly different, I think I am less eager to over tag, and I tried to keep the information as necessary, simple and easy to find and understand.

Cataloging as a work or image?

In every instance in this dataset I am cataloging the work not the image of the work.