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  • A.B.A. Bulletin Aug. 1916

    A copy of the monthly newsletter sent to member bookstores. The articles include a new plan where publishers will sell direct to libraries instead of libraries buying books from the local bookstore. Next there is a note to observe publication dates so all bookstores across the country start selling the title on the appointed date. John J. Wood was celebrated as previous President of the ABA and booksellers in New Jersey organized a statewide bookselling association.
  • The Booke Shoppe Everywhere

    This is the first list of books chosen by the Advisory Committee of the American Booksellers Association. It features titles booksellers could display and recommend to customers. There are 6 titles and each has a small write about the book. Each month a bookstore could sign up to receive the list of recommended titles and a "sales talk" for customers. ABA's address at this time was 255 Tenth Avenue, New York City.
  • The A.B.A. Bulletin Sept. 1925

    This newsletter sent to member bookstores includes a letter from the Executive Secretary, E.W. Meyers; the updated ABA logo, it includes the slogan 'Remember Them With Books"; and the announcement of the Telegraphic Delivery Service.
  • ABA Bulletin Dec. 1949

    This bulletin announced the 50th anniversary of the ABA and the next convention in June. A new feature was the ABA Almanac for 1950 which included the promotion plans for the forthcoming year. There were articles about sending a list of bookstores to publishers, the award ceremony for the Book Industry Award, bookstore sales data from the previous months, and the returns calendar which indicates what titles are eligible for return to the publisher. ABA's address at this time was 31 Madison Avenue New York, NY.
  • The ABA Mat Service: Christmas Illustrations

    These were holiday promotional illustrations provided to ABA bookstores to add and individualize to attract holiday shoppers. There are 8 illustrations displayed. ABA's address at this time was 35 East 20th Street New York, NY.
  • War Bulletin

    A bulletin sent to member bookstores to take advantage of a publisher placing an ad for technical books. There is also a quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt. The address of the ABA at this time is 35 East 20th Street New York.
  • Booksellers Bulletin Feb. 1942

    The monthly bulletin was sent to bookstores dated February 1942. The articles discuss the 1941 National Book Award winner, booksellers contributing to the Victory Book Campaign, deducting ABA dues from income tax returns, WPA Writers' Program Catalogue, and nominations for the board of directors. ABA's address at this time was 35 East 20th Street New York, NY
  • Love Your Local Rally Card

    A promotion card that member bookstores could download to promote their store and the larger independent bookstore community. IndieBound is a customer-facing part of ABA that aims to explain why a purchase at an independent bookstore is beneficial for their community.
  • "We Recommend"

    An advertisement to booksellers to purchase a book rack to promote a "leader". The inscription on the mahogany book display will have the text "We Recommend", it was changed from "The Most Popular Book of the Day".
  • The A.B.A. Bulletin April 1925

    A pre-convention newsletter was sent to member bookstores in April 1925. The articles include an announcement of the new executive secretary, Ellis W. Meyers, a message from Canadian booksellers, the continued growth of member bookstores, a list of new members, and the program for the Convention held at the Hotel Drake in Chicago, IL from May 11-14 1925.
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