This collection highlights ten images of paintings/prints from the bohemian times of the 1800-1900s in Paris, France. They all  specifically depict scenes of Montmartre, an area rich in art, revolution, and culture during this time. With Impressionism revolutionizing the art world, many of these paintings and prints are done in this style, depicting landscapes and people. Others depict the culture of the people of the time, with their socialization in coffee shops and dance clubs. The culture and the scenery that made up Montmartre in this time period is represented through the artistic renditions of the artists of the time.



The metadata for each image has been taken from Google Arts and Culture and its data. The descriptions are from there as well, as they, and the data, were very illustrative of what all the images were depicting and the basic information that makes them up. Getty was used to link the subject and the creators. The sources and rights are all attached to Google Arts and Culture (or the source they also provided).