About Me

Wen (Amanda) Chen   ( wchen153@pratt.edu )

  • Second-year Student in Museums and Digital Culture program at Pratt Institute;
  • Chinese art history enthusiast;
  • Former curator of Chinese contemporary paintings (1840-1950);
  • Former curator of Chinese scholar collectibles.


About The Project

This is the midterm project for 3 credit graduate course in Pratt Institute School of Information

  • Course Name:  19/SP-INFO-684-01: Museum Information Management: Collection Cataloging & Digita Technology
  • Instructors: Iris Lee and Jennifer Cwiok, Visiting Assistant Professors


About the Topic

As an enthusiast of Chinese art history and a graduate student of Museums and Digital Culture program,  I want to combine my two interests together in this project. So I digged into the subject of Chinese painting masterpieces in American museums. Depends on the main subjects in the selected paintings, I categorized then into three themes: landscape, figures, as well as animal and flowers. These three categories are not only the themes in my project but also the main themes in traditional Chinese paintings. They are representing the spirit of Chinese philosophy of persuing the harmony of human and nature which is the intellectual tradition of the Chinese culture from early recorded history to the present day. 


Resource Template

In my template, I choosed 11 main original labels form Dublin Core which including: Identifier, Title, Creator, Date, Medium, Subject, Type, Format, Language, Rights Holder, Contributor. Some of them I also included Description or Provenance.


Controlled Vocabulary

  • "Identifier", "Subject", and "Type" are using controlled vocabularies under the guidelines of the Library of Congress: Subject Headings
  • "Creator" and "Rights Holder" are under the guidelines of the Library of
    Congress: Name Authority File
  • "Medium" and "Language" are using the Getty: The Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT)
  • The other original labels are using the default data type


Original Resources of the Items

  • Metropolitan Museum of Arts, New York
  • Freer Gallery of Art, Washington DC
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton