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Almonds: gingerbread
Ambergris: snuff
Brandy: gingerbread
Canary sack: cold medicine
Cinnamon: Florentine rice | gingerbread
Cloves: snuff | gingerbread
Cochineal: cold medicine
Ginger: gingerbread
Glassware: orange lozenges
Hops: hops
Mace: snuff
Musk: snuff 
Nutmeg: snuff | gingerbread
Opium poppy: cough syrup
Oranges: orange lozenges | snuff
Peru balsam: cough syrup
Potatoes: potato pudding
Red sandalwood: gingerbread
Rice: Florentine rice
Saffron: cold medicine
Sugar: gingerbread | hops | orange lozenges 
Tobacco: snuff